I visited Uzbekistan in 2018 and sped around the country by train. Bukhara to Samarkand to Urganch (gateway back then for Khiva, where we viewed the sparkling new station) and on to Tashkent. It struck us that the stations all had remarkably similar designs & layouts. Look for yourself.

Kosovo was the last of the Balkan countries that I visited. I journeyed there overland from Albania in 2017 and left by train to Skopje.  In fact the only train running in the fledgling nation is from Pristina that goes close to the border with North Macedonia. Here are some photos from that journey.  You […]

Railway Gazette International report: California High Speed Rail Authority has issued a Revised Draft Business Plan confirming its intention to press ahead with completing a starter section of high speed line in the Central Valley for revenue operations by the end of the decade. The draft was published on February 9 for public consultation before […]

Very exciting plans for Egyptian railways, as reported in Railway Gazette International.

The New Khiva Station, Uzbekistan
Syrian Loco, Homs
The New Khiva Station, Uzbekistan

Brand new and ready for action…….