Overseas Train Journeys

I guess that I am a typical bloke in as much as I love planning, adore writing lists and like to collect things. My ‘things’ are invariably football or travel related, though I do stop short at the need to complete journeys to every country or to visit every football ground in England, even though I have visited a fair few stadiums by default rather than by design and I would like to think I will exceed 100 countries visited.

I started ‘collecting’ overseas train journeys in 1987 with Hoek of Holland to Amsterdam being my first one.

Pretty nondescript by all accounts (apart from the odd windmill to relieve the view of flat fields full of cabbages), but with the timetables in Dutch, announcements in a foreign language and most spectacularly a double-decker train, I felt I had really experienced something special at the time.

Train 5

Amsterdam Centraal Station

I have now made well over 200 such journeys, 27 of which have been overnight trips. A few notable journeys:

1st Journey – Hoek of Holland to Amsterdam, September 1987

Longest Single Journey – Simferopol to Lviv (Ukraine) – 25 Hours, September 2011


Train For A Day, Ukraine

Northernmost Journey – The Ofoten Line from Narvik (Norway) to Kiruna (Sweden) – 130 miles above the Arctic Circle, September 1989 & September 1992

Most Picturesque Journey – Trondheim to Fauske (Norway), September 1989 & September 1992

1st Journey Outside Europe – Luxor to Cairo (Egypt), April 1995

1st Journey in Asia – The Canton-Kowloon Railway, Guangzhou to Hong Kong, October 1996

Guahgzhou Station, China

1st Journey in South America – Puno to Cusco (Peru), September 2001


Cusco Bound in Peru

1st Sleeper Car Journey – Leipzig (Germany) to Warsaw (Poland), September 1992

Most Easterly Journey – Surabaya to Banyuwangi (Indonesia), September 1997

Favourite Journey – The Toros Express, Ankara to Adana (Turkey), May 2009

Turkey Train

The Toros Express Stretches Eastwards in Turkey

1st Train Shower – Santiago de Compostela to Madrid (Spain), June 2012

Slowest Trains – Albania, Average Speed 37KMH

Albania Locomotive

The locomotive that pulled us from Tirana to Durres in Albania

Favourite Element – The Restaurant Car


Breakfast Turkish Train

Breakfast On-board, Torres Express, Ankara to Adana, Turkey

Latest Journey – Stuttgart to Frankfurt (Germany), April 2017

ICE Train Frankfurt

The ICE Train Arriveth, Frankfurt

Next Planned Journey – Lille (France) to London, May 2017

Here is a list of all my overseas journeys, a list that I will keep updated on the dedicated page on this blog:

train 4

Bar Station, Montenegro

Country Journeys (Overnight) Number
Albania Tirana to Durres (return) + Tirana to Shkodra 3
Armenia Yerevan to Tbilisi 1
Austria Vienna to Salzburg + Innsbruck to Vienna + Vienna to Maribor + Spielfeldstraße to Villach + Villach to Venice + Linz to Paris + Salzburg to Munich 7
Belarus Minsk to Vilnius 1
Belgium Brussels to Bruges (Return) + Bruges to Gent (return) Brussels to Antwerp (return) + Brussels to Amsterdam + Brussels to London (eight times) + Bruges to Ostend + Brussels to Gent (Return) 18
Bosnia Sarajevo to Belgrade 1
Bulgaria Oslo to Gorna Oryakhovitsa (return) 2
China Guangzhou to Kowloon 1
Croatia Zagreb to Split + Ploce to Sarajevo 2
Cuba Trinidad de Cuba to Valley de los Ingenios (return) 2
Czechia Prague to Linz + Prague to Bohusovice nad Ohri (return) 3
Denmark Copenhagen to Stockholm + Copenhagen to Oslo 2
Egypt Luxor to Cairo 1
Finland Kimi to Torvola (Return) + Kimi to Helsinki + Helsinki to Turku 4
France Avignon to Lyon + Lyon top Strasbourg + Le Havre to Rouen (return) + Epernay to Paris + Nice to Monaco (Return) + Paris to Quimper (Return) + Paris to Luxembourg (twice) + Nimes to Paris + Paris to Brussels + Cherbourg to Paris + Paris to Copenhagen + Paris to Calais + Lille to London + Paris to London (sixteen times) 33
Georgia Makhinjauri to Yerevan 1
Germany Munich to Salzburg + Munich to Holzkirchen (Return) + Munich to Innsbruck + Trier to Dortmund + Dortmund to Cologne + Cologne to Hamburg + Hamburg to Amsterdam + Berlin to Leipzig + Leipzig to Warsaw + Dusseldorf to Monchengladbach (return) + Dusseldorf to Cologne + Stuttgart to Frankfurt + Frankfurt to Oberusel 15
Greece Athens to Thessaloniki + Thessaloniki to Kalambaka (return) + Thessaloniki to Skopje 4
Hungary Budapest to Prague + Budapest to Bucharest 2
India Agra to Delhi 1
Indonesia Jakarta to Bogor + Yogyakarta to Surabaya + Surabaya to Banyuwangi 3
Ireland Dublin to Cork 1
Italy Genoa to Turin + Turin to Milan + Catania to Naples + Sorrento to Pompei (return) + Sorrento to Naples + Pisa to Florence (return) + Venice to Rimini + Rimini to Ferrara + Ferrara to Milan + Milan to Interlaken + Milan to Genoa (Return) + Milan to Monza + Palermo to Agrigento + Agrigento to Syracuse + Syracuse to Taormina + Taormina to Catania + Bolonga to Venice + Venice to Verona + Verona to Milan + Milan to Como + Como to Tirano + Tirano to Chur (Bernina Express) 25
Luxembourg Luxembourg to Brussels + Luxembourg to Ettelbruck (return) + Luxembourg to Trier 4
Macedonia Skopje to Nis 1
Moldova Chisinau to Odessa 1
Montenegro Bar to Podgerica 1
Morocco Fes to Marrakech 1
Netherlands Hoek of Holland to Amsterdam (twice) + Amsterdam to Munich + Amsterdam to Alkmaar + Amsterdam to Hoek of Holland (twice) + Amsterdam to Copenhagen + Amsterdam to Den Haag (return) + Amsterdam to Dusseldorf 10
Norway Oslo to Trondheim (twice) + Trondheim to Fauske (twice) + Narvik to Lulea (twice) + Oslo to Bergen + Bergen to Myrdal + Myrdal to Flam (return) + Myrdal to Oslo + Oslo to Gjøvik (return) + Trondheim to Hell (return twice) + Oslo to Moss (return) 19
Peru Puno to Cusco + Agua Caliente to Cusco 2
Poland Warsaw to Krakow + Krakow to Budapest + Warsaw to Lodz (return) 4
Romania Bucharest to Chisinau 1
Russia Kaliningrad to Svetlogorsk (return) + Kaliningrad to Minsk 3
Serbia Nis to Sofia + Belgrade to Sofia 2
Slovenia Maribor to Spielfeldstraße + Ljubljana to Skofja Loka (return) 3
Spain Santiago de Compostela to Madrid + Madrid to Barcelona + Madrid to Cordoba + Cordoba to Cadiz + Cadiz to Seville + Madrid to Segovia (return) + Denia to Alicante + Palma to Soller (return) + Barcelona to Sitges (return) + Barcelona to Montserrat (return) + Madrid to Toledo (return) 16
Sweden Stockholm to Oslo + Lulea to Nice + Lulea to Kimi + Stockholm to Berlin via Malmö 4
Switzerland Geneva to Interlaken + Interlaken to Bern + Bern to Geneva + Geneva to Lausanne (return) Interlaken to Montreaux + Montreaux to Lausanne + Lausanne to Paris + Chur to St Moritz + St Moritz to Zermatt + Zermatt to Zurich 11
Syria Hama to Homs + Aleppo to Latakia 2
Thailand Bangkok to Vientiane 1
Turkey Istanbul to Thessaloniki + Istanbul to Ankara + Ankara to Adana + Pendik to Ankara + Ankara to Erzurum 5
Ukraine Sevastopol to Bakhchysarai (return) + Sevastopol to Simferopol + Simferopol to Lviv + Lviv to Kiev 5
Vietnam Hue to Hanoi 1
Total Journeys 230 (27)


  1. I like lists too, but I would be unable to list all my train journeys 😉
    May I suggest a new category: most delayed train journey. My personal one is Tatvan to Kayseri in Turkey, in January 1993, delayed by 26 hours because of 2 meters of snow on the tracks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a great one! I hope you didn’t have to wait at the station all that time! How many train journeys do you think you have made overseas?


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