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Travels in Eastern Europe

Shortly I will embark on my latest journey east with my regular travel buddy Hamish. We have a rough itinerary mapped, a couple of Airbnbs booked and flights from and to the UK (the latter should say hopefully thanks to Ryanair’s latest PR own goal!). Apart from that we have little certainty as to whether […]

Sunday Photo – Flowers & locos, Damascus

Wordless Wednesday – Kadam Train Station Maintenance Shed, Damascus

The Railroad In Damascus

Damascus was our final port of call of our 2009 trip (I was with Hamish as normal) with a few days spent in the capital following a bus journey from Palmyra, truly the road to Damascus. There were many highlights of the time spent in the city, but I will concentrate on a railway theme […]

Wordless Wednesday – Train Arrived, Chartres

Wordless Wednesday – Ankara Station Loco

Trip Planning

I am planning. I love to plan. Planning is a big part of the enjoyment of any trip. Taking an organised tour is fine of course, especially if you do not have the time to plan or indeed do not have the time to deal with unforeseen travel delays, cancellations or when there is ‘no […]

Wordless Wednesday – Kiev Underground

Wordless Wednesday – Train View Of Toros Mountains, Turkey

Wordless Wednesday – Toros Express, Turkey