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Sunday Photo – Swiss Train

European Train Tour #1 – Switzerland

The first European train tour of my series sees Mrs Wilbur & I in Switzerland, a trip we undertook in 2016. If the earth’s creator had been a train fanatic and had decided to build the ideal setting for his giant train set, he could have constructed Switzerland for this purpose. Brooding mountains & great […]

Wordless Wednesday – train carriage interior Bosnia

Wordless Wednesday – Kaliningrad Train Interior

Sunday Photo

This photo was taken from the Dogu (Eastern) Express as we journeyed from Ankara to Erzurum in 2014.

Wordless Wednesday – Yerevan Train Station

Sunday Photo

Sarajevo had the first tram system in Europe, dating back to the end of the 19th Century. The first trams were horse-drawn and Sarajevo was chosen as the testing ground by the Austria-Hungary Empire before they were introduced to Vienna. This tram pictured in 2012 is not quite that old, dating from the 1970’s.

Train Tours In Eastern Europe #5

This is the last train tour that we undertook in 2014, or it will be until our 2017 route planned for September. Istanbul to Ankara to Erzurum to Batumi (bus) to Yerevan to Tbilisi The trip started with a flight and a long journey by tram across Istanbul, a train under the Bosphorus and out […]

Wordless Wednesday – Kaliningrad Train Station

Train Tours In Eastern Europe #4

Gdansk to Kaliningrad to Minsk to Vilnius This trip started in the home of Solidarity, followed by a bus to the secretive Russian enclave, home of its Baltic fleet, a train to one of Stalin’s favourite cities and finally on to the capital of Lithuania. Gdansk turned into a gem of a visit. The shipyards […]