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Syrian Loco, Homs

Wordless Wednesday – Syrian Locomotive

Loco Latakia Station Syria

Wordless Wednesday – Locomotive, Latakia, Syria

Sunday Photo – The A4 Class Steam Locomotives

The ‘Great Gathering’: The six remaining A4 class locomotives, (from the right) Sir Nigel Gresley, Dwight D Eisenhower, Union of South Africa, Bittern, Mallard and Dominion of Canada. Pictured in 2014 at the National Railway Museum, York.

Wordless Wednesday – Romanian Railways

Sunday Photo – Arrival Pristina

The Pristina Express

When Pristina was just a moderate city in Yugoslavia it was an outpost on a vast rail network with Belgrade at its hub and major transit points in Zagreb, Skopje, Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Podgorica, Nis & Ploce. Pristina itself saw trains running to Skopje, Belgrade (via Mitrovica) and throughout Kosovo. Following the break-up of Yugoslavia, the […]

Wordless Wednesday – Train at Skopje Station